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The Complete Guide to Unilorin Admission 2019


Guess how many people are searching for admission in the University of Ilorin, every Year.

Any ideas?

Well, let me bring out 5 competitive courses in University of Ilorin, to show you the statistical demand of Admission in Unilorin. 

 Before we go on,  please let me welcome you to our "Admission Planet". This is where  we prepare candidates for admission. 

This guide will expose all the secrets and all you have to know to secure Unilorin Admission in 2019.

Why Unilorin?  Because I graduated as a student there years ago. So relax let me show you how admission works in Unilorin. 

Unilorin Admission  Statistics

As at 2017/2018,

In Medicine and Surgery, Unilorin had a total of 12,824 In first choice, In second Choice they had a total of 38 and 1 in 3rd choice.  

with total of 12,863,

In Law(Common Law) ,  Unilorin had a total of 5,620 In first choice, In second Choice they had a total of 17 and 2 in 3rd choice.  

with total of 5,639

In Accounting ,  Unilorin had a total of 10,790 In first choice, In second Choice they had a total of 181 and 19 in 3rd choice. 
 with total of 10,990

In Mass Communication ,  Unilorin had a total of 9,240 In first choice, In second Choice they had a total of 238 and 11 in 3rd choice. 

 with total of 9,489

In Nursing/Nursing Science ,  Unilorin had a total of 5,844 In first choice, In second Choice they had a total of 48 and 1 in 3rd choice. 

 with total of 5,893

These are the 5, most competitive course in Unilorin. The hot cake Courses. 

In less  competitive courses like, Bio, medical engineering and others, we can still have applicants like 191.

But Let's just use this to annaylze, how competitive Unilorin  Admission gets every Year. 

According to Statistics, Unilorin gets over 70,000 students seeking for admission every year. In this case the highest they can admit is 20,000 per session estimated.

In 2017, only 11,000 Students were admitted. 

Amongst the one the 11,000 students, 40% will likely not get the course they enrolled for. 

At this point, what is your hope of Survival in the Admission system of Unilorin. 
I like to put it this way, 

 Unilorin Admission is like 100 people trying to enter a bus that can only contain  10 people. Who are those 10 people that will make it inside? That's what this guide is all about. 

When it comes to Unilorin admission, there are lots to cover.  

We are going to dig deep Into Unilorin Admission, but feel free to Jump to the one that impress you. 

  • Overview 
  • Factors Affecting Students From Getting Admission 
  • Factors To Be Used In Unilorin Admission System For 2019 
  • In Hand Connections For Unilorin Admission 
  • Unilorin Admission Requirements
  • Misconceptions And Conclusion Guidelines For Admission.


Now, what shall we do, to hopefully make our way through securing admission?  

Clearly, Vast majorities of students have been trying from year to year in securing admission, but all to no avail, or perhaps they get allocated to different courses that may not even relate to the course they applied for. 

Eg.  From Medicine to  Agricultural Science And Education

Frankly speaking, that is what we see every year. 

Combine that with the fact that even if you had good grades, you could still get denied of admission. 

Much less,  the simple question is what do they want from you, to be qualified and approved for admission? 

Nevertheless, there is this rumor, that has being Rampant for a time now, that Unilorin would prefer her Indigenous candidates most. 

How can we trace the real techniques that apply to Unilorin admission, without any assumptions. 

Well that is what I have brought to you, the following information have been confirmed and I guarantee that if it Is well Utilized you are sure of Unilorin Admission 80%. 

The remaining 20% are the things that the school does not reveal, but include in her admission processing system. 

Grab what you can from this guide.  
Fix what you can, and you will be surprised to see your letter of admission. 
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Factors Affecting Students From Getting Admission. 

The following factors that affects Unilorin aspirants, most conclusively. 

It's the same every year for everyone and it doesn't change. 

1. Competitions
2. Post Utme Score
3. Wrong application 
4. Not doing the Needful 
5. Looking for connections with a poor result 

How Competition affects Unilorin aspirants :

Hey, here is the number factor that decide whether or not you are going to smell admission or just dream of it. 

What  course are you applying for? 

What is the number of candidates that applies for that course every year, both in Jamb and direct entry? 

The answer to that will further tell you, how high you must score in Jamb/Direct Entry and Post Jamb. 

8 Reasons why Unilorin Admission is highly competitive 

Unilorin has turned out to be among the list of  famous Universities in Nigeria.

They get over 100,000 applicants looking for admission into the school each year.

One may state this accomplishment is one reason why the institution prides itself as being better by a long shot.

Here are the reasons

1.  Academic soundness

In the first  case Federal University are more classed as professional in Nigeria.

 However, the school has always been referenced for producing scholars.

It's sound academic system is highly a benefit.

2. High admission spaces.

Unilorin remains in the top list of institutions that admits over 10,000 students yearly.  Unilorin is a very big school and at least could contain so many candidates.

3. Ubiquity

UNILORIN for a long time,  reliably remained the most sort after school by Admission seekers.

  In the 2017 Unified Tertiary and Matriculation Exam, the school had the most noteworthy applications with 104,038  candidates out of the 1,212,818 absolute candidates looking for admission into the 40 government institutions in Nigeria.

Unilorin is known for her common nature.

4. Low school Fees

In a nation where state and Federal Government Universities charge as high as N100,000, for educational cost expenses, UNILORIN students pay under N25,000 for educational cost.

5. Building Scholars

As a foundation that is focused on building scholars, the University of Ilorin additionally brags of fine and present day awards,  amazingly.

6.  Quality of instructors

As indicated by Economic Confidential, the nature of highly serious and impactful lecturers is one of the agendas admission  searchers considered in settling on the university as their first choice.

7. Unilorin does not go on strike

Yes, you heard me right. Take for instance the current assu strike Nigerian witnessed. Unilorites were  busy enjoying lectures. 

This would only mean that, their calendar does not stop and students will graduate at the specified year. 

8. Unilorin certificate is highly respected.

The list goes on.

One just have to play along with the competition, because the benefits are much.

How Low Post Utme Score affects Unilorin aspirants 

I can't help but say the truth. Unilorin has one of the most unique admission screening style.

Her Post Jamb/Post Utme nature is one of the most unique amongst other's , and many other institution emulates and respects her.

For example, it is the screening test whereby they don't test your subject combinations for your course, what you will get is English, mathematics, Current affair and general paper.

This has affected many, because even does art students that were not  mathematics lovers, they have to face it in Unilorin Post Utme.

Taking to consideration of competitiveness, you then have to score high or your admission would be forfeited, even if you did great in Jamb.

How Wrong application can affect Unilorin aspirants

Unilorin is much concerned with those candidates who put her as first choice, she believes those who puts her as second choice are not so much worried about the admission, so she could at least settle the high number of so many qualified students that added her as first choice.

Worthy of note, it could be that the student were not pre-informed or they applied wrongly.

So many mistakes has affected so many Unilorin admission seekers.

Last year we witnessed a case of someone, who filled in the wrong O'level results.

So little mistakes can be hindrance to your admission.

How Unilorin Aspirants fail to do the needful 

Little or no information is bad!

You need to get enough information about Unilorin and do what is required of you.

But this is what Unilorin aspirants don't know.

They sit at home and wait for admission to fall from the skies.

Looking for connections with a poor result - How it affects admission

Well, no jokes. Majority of candidates believe that the best way to secure admission into Unilorin is with the help of someone in authority, or what they call connections.

I will shade more light on this later, whether or not, it would make or mar you.

But, to be candid, don't be a fool.

You should not think that the best time to get connections is when you scored low.

The truth is, connection only help those that at least did well to get the cut off mark, but needs a lift in the crowd.

Looking for connection with a poor result is failure + failure = Go home and wait till next year, they will help you spend your Money  if you don't know how to.

I. E for those who offer Money for admission in Unilorin.

So ideally, it makes sense now if I start telling you everything the school requires from you to get admission.

Factors to be Used for Unilorin Admission system 2019

  1. Catchment Area Factors
  2.  Qualification factors(Merits)
  3. Post Utme capability Status
  4. O'Level Factors
  5. Course Competition Factors
  6. First Choice or Second Choice Factors

These are the standing components that Unilorin uses to process admission for each admission seekers.

Unilorin will not see your face when enlisting you for admission, what you present is what will determine your admission. 

What they use is the above recorded variables and we will fundamentally analyze each.

Catchment Area Factors in Unilron admission processing. 

This is the primary thing that the University of Ilorin pays special mind to in Admission positioning/reviewing system.

It is something set out by the Federal government.

Catchment area basically, are the states recommended by the Federal Government that every single Federal University must consent to.

That ideally suggests that students from a Schools catchment region have more chances of ranking higher for Admission into the University.

Along these lines, any candidate from the states,  Catchment areas are seen as favorable over others, as they have more chances to be offered admission  quicker in that specific Institution where they are among the Catchment area.

Since you know this, what are the States or  Unilorin Catchment Areas? 

The Catchment Area for University Of Ilorin (Unilorin) are:

Kwara State

Kebbi State

Kogi State

Nasarawa State

Plateau  State

Sokoto State

Zamfara State

Benue State

Albeit,  it's doesn't suggests that aspirants who are not from the catchment Areas will not be given admission, as they consider other things also .

What this just means is that, those from the catchment Areas have higher odds of admission over those that don't.

In light of these, what students  do nowadays is change their state of Origin to kwara state because there are more benefits for indigene. 

Qualification  Factors in Unilron admission processing. 

Unilorin won't concede you without merits, this has to do with the medium you are utilizing for admission, whether Direct entry or Jamb.

Every medium you use plays a role in your  admission.

For instance somebody with a Jupeb results and Jamb results have different grounds to stand on.

Somebody who scores 240+ in Jamb can not be contrasted with somebody with 290+.

Let me expanxiate profoundly.

The following are the accepted qualifications for  Unilorin Admission

Jamb (100 Level)

Ijmb (A'Level)

Jupeb (A'Level)

Ond (A'Level)

Hnd (A'Level)

Nce (A'Level)

Nabteb (A'Level)

Remedia ( 100 Level)

These mediums has  ups and down and are not fully equal in the University of Ilorin.

Jambites with high score will  benefit more. 

The individuals who score 270+ or more are positioned by their course which we will talk about later.

Unilorin Admission acceptance for Ijmb is not high as it will favor indigenes more. 

Unless you have a good score Ijmb admission is hard. 

I am not saying you won't get admission in Unilorin I am only stating that currently 
Unilorin Jupeb program has taken more chances.

Which implies Jupeb students are more assured  for admission into the University of Ilorin.

If you score high in Jamb you are likewise on a 90% high odds of admission.

I trust you comprehend this.

So whichever medium you are utilizing, your odds increments in the event that you score high in respect to the chosen course and the rest factors.

Different methods also are affirmed however the above mentioned. Referenced ones have higher shots.

Post Utme Qualification

This is the place the issue comes in.

On the off chance that you have been supported by other factors this is the place you should be more concerned.

In any case, what you score in your post utme will be evaluated close by with other things.

So on the off chance that you didn't meet other factors, for instance you are not from their catchment area  that implies you should score high in Post Utme and have great merits in Jamb or Direct Entry .

Else, you won't be given admission .

So hence, you need to get a nice score.  

Allow me put in increasingly light.

Let's say that you Scored 230 in Jamb and 50 in Post Utme.

What's more, you are not from their catchment area, somebody from their catchment area with 220 in Jamb and 45 in Post utme would be considers  first.

Just an example, not a fact. 

It doesn't stop there, despite everything they check more factors. Like the following one we will talk about

O'Level Certificate affects Unilorin aspirants for Admission 

The following thing to pay special mind to is your O'Level certificate , been aware of your course. 

Apply for a course your O'Level certificate concurs with. 

So your admission will be of less chance with a poor O'level score. 

Numerous students  over look this.

Truly, you made Jamb

You made Post Utme.

Poor O'Level, at that point they either give you another course or deny your admission, you can ask anyone.

The school isn't a play ground as they are strict in admission.

The following thing to ask yourself is, what is the course Competition.

First Choice and Second Choice Factors 

At long last Students that choose Unilorin as first choice are conceded first than those that don't.

All the more advisably, don't pick Unilorin as second Choice.

Or on the other hand you would be putting your admission in an empty well. 

On the off chance that you just met few of the prerequisites above. 

Try not to stress yourself too much, do your best to Fix what you can,  God has the Final Say. 

In Hand Connections For Unilorin Admission 

Always remember this why you are looking for admission support or connections, it is first to have a good Jamb/Direct Entry Merit. 

But let me draw a straight line year. 

One may ask; 

Does it mean I won't get admission into Unilorin, If I don't know someone or have connections? 

Ladies and gentlemen don't let anyone decieve you, over thousands of candidates with no such thing as connections get admission.

What is connection by the way?

 In this Unilorin Admission guide I am referring connections to having someone superior to help you facilitate your admission.

Many candidates look for connections yearly, just to be on the safer side.

The fact is, connection or no connection you need go first meet the requirements or else your admission will just be a thought for wishful thinking.

Unilorin Admission Requirements, 
Misconceptions And Conclusion Guidelines For Admission.

Common Misconceptions with Unilorin admission 

1. Unilorin only admits indigenes (highly false) 
2. Unilorin Admission is difficult (it is not if you have the requirements) 
3. Without Connections I won't get admission 

It is no way stated in the school website  that Connections is a requirement for admission, if you meet the full requirements you will get your admission peacefully without abeg. But if you feel you need it, go for a legal one, like wise, make sure you have the requirements.) 

I hope I have fed you enough with Unilorin admission Tips, please feel free to ask any questions in the comment box below. 

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